Island Studio

Paint Your Own Pottery


Choose from a variety of different designs to create your own one of a kind vase, mirror, picture frame, candleholder, or wall hanging. The price for the item you choose to mosaic includes any materials and supplies necessary to complete the project. This includes  mosaic pieces for the top surface of the item, glue, grout, sponge, gloves and instructions for grouting at home... and use of the studio‚Äôs tools. You will be able to take your piece with you the same day, and must finish grouting at home at your convenience. The glue must dry for a minimum of two days before you grout at home. Mosaics are recommended for ages 12 and up, and adult supervision is recommended for grouting. Mosaics prices range from approximately $45 (small) to $150 (big mirrors!) and they include a take home grout kit with everything you need to complete your project at home.

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